On a phone call with a doctor friend yesterday, he said the dreaded words, “It seems like you’re getting worse, and your body is alerting you to the fact that it needs to rest and recover.” In a sense, it was a relief to get permission to rest; it gave me hope that things will actually get better.

But the timing? BAD. And there’s no option to reschedule this for later. Like it or not, physical health takes first priority. If I can’t get out of bed, it doesn’t matter if I have studied for the midterm; I still can’t take it.

Unfortunately, I’ll swamped with reading right now, and I have a midterm tomorrow. I’m planning on passing the midterm (as opposed to acing it), but I still haven’t really cracked open the exam material. Usually, I’d be really anxious by now, but I’ve decided that it’s low on my priority list. What matters for the bigger picture is that I get stronger and not weaker. So I’m going back to bed to rest more.

Until later,
Abigail Cashelle



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