I made someone’s day yesterday. I didn’t even mean to, which made it all the more precious.

One family at my church has an open invitation to dinner every Thursday night, and I try to go as often as possible because I really love spending time with them. With chaos of doctors’ appointments and phone calls, the studying in the middle of the night because I can’t sleep anyways, and the “plague“, I assumed that I wouldn’t feel up to going. I even told the wife that I wasn’t coming. But late in the afternoon, I was feeling not as awful, so I texted my roommate to see if she wanted to go. She’s usually terribly busy on Thursday nights, so I figured that that would be a sufficient excuse not to go. However, it turned out to be the one Thursday night in the semester when she wasn’t busy, so we went.

At first, it seemed like a regular dinner of seven church friends. We started talking about the things that we were interested in. I was having a really good time. Then, one of the older men mentioned why he happened to be in town: he was having eye surgery the next day to correct macular degeneration. He had been really nervous about the whole procedure, but having dinner and sharing the joy with us was like being with family for him. He’s retired and unmarried, and his parents and his only brother have passed away. So he doesn’t have any biological family; he’s really by himself. But the time around the dinner table, laughing and exchanging stories, really made all the difference.

We spent time singing hymns and praying together, and it was such an amazing experience. Sharing the love of God and the hope in Christ was remarkable. And a quick dinner turned into a three hour time of fellowship and mutual encouragement. To see the joy and the peace in his expression made everything worth it.

My goal is to live almost every day so that I mattered to someone. This was definitely one of those days. Just by being myself, I mattered to someone in a big way.

Abigail Cashelle


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