I love this quote. It sums up a lot of my life philosophy in a nutshell.

In high school, I learned that sometimes one can miss God and what He’s doing because you’re too busy looking for the answer you expect. Even if one asks for something broad, one can be looking for either answer A or answer B.

If you believe Maria‘s Mother Superior, “When the Lord closes a door, somewhere He opens a window.” What if you refuse to even consider windows as possibilities? Can you fault God for failing to meet your need?

In a conversation with Dr. Samuel last week, I complained that I can’t get people to understand that I feel bad all the time, but on top of that, I have extra bad days. In the midst of my complaints, he stopped me. “Abigail, you need to reconceptualize the time frame here. Your disease fluctuates over months, not days.”

It took me a few minutes before I even understood what he meant. If I have bad seasons rather than bad days, that means that there’s no pressure to feel better tomorrow. In fact, I’m allowed to feel better tomorrow but feel even worse the day after that! That simple way of defining time meant so much peace for me. I don’t have to feel guilty about feeling badly. I don’t have to figure out what I’ve done wrong if I haven’t gotten better yet. It turns out that I was searching for gold when the silver lining was right in front of me!!

Learning to listen to what people say & to be less narrow-minded,



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