Sometimes, life with a chronic illness simply isn’t fair. Now that I’ve been really sick for over a month, it’s been harder and harder to justify (to myself) missing classes even though I’m not getting better. Since there are only three weeks left to the semester, I’ve found myself self-consciously reorganizing my priorities.

For example, if I only have enough energy (and time) to get out of bed and (a) take a shower or (b) go to class, maybe I’ll just go to class. It’s hard to imagine taking a shower as an activity requiring massive amounts of energy, but these days it really is. Sometimes, it seems worthwhile to go to church and see people rather than take a shower.

I do still take a shower on a fairly regular basis. I wear new clothes every day. I long for days with more energy. But in the mean time, I create posters like this one.



3 thoughts on “Life with a Chronic Illness

  1. I have the same problems! It’s really not pleasant, but I can’t justify wasting a whole days worth (or two!) of energy on washing myself. Fortunately my husband can wash me, but usually he is workng etc. so I just end up having baths with lots of bath oil in, and no scrubbing at all.
    Chronic illness really teaches you to manage priorities, at least 😉


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