Sitting off to the side in a church pew, I marveled as I listened to people around me whispering prayers. As I sat and prayed, it felt so normal to be a part of community of people, setting time aside to worship God for His goodness and petition Him on behalf of others.

Grace invited me to dinner with some of the church folks after vespers. Even though I didn’t actually eat dinner (food allergies strike again!), I thoroughly enjoyed the conversation and hospitality of the four people I was with. The humility, the simplicity, the kindness, the care… it all meant so much to me. The emptiness in my heart was filled by these people’s humanity.

As I navigate through the stormy seas known as chronic illness, I am at peace. I know that Jesus is in my boat because His peace fills my heart and He brings me into the arms of friends around me. What a blessing.

Peace to you all,
Abigail Cashelle



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