Symptoms. New medications. Medical tests. Calendars. Notes. Progress. Fevers. Records. The typical patient-doctor conversation. The chronic patient rehashes the same experience over and over and over again. But one thing Dr. Samuel said made all the difference:

You’ve really grown a lot, Abigail. You’re so much happier now. I’m really proud of you, proud of all that you’ve accomplished. You have great grades, and you’ve made it through almost a whole year of graduate school despite lots of setbacks and hindrances. You’ve really blossomed in the place you’ve been planted.

As tears filled my eyes, I realized he was right. Blossoming where I’m planted, winning with the deck of cards I’ve been dealt, following the Lamb on the path He’s ordained for me… they’re all different ways of saying the same thing. I’m succeeding in the place I am; I’m becoming who I’m meant to be.

For someone important to me to say that I’m doing my job well is incredibly validating. Thank you, Dr. Samuel; it truly is a beautiful day.



One thought on “the Power of a Few Words


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