Setting: an exam room. Peaceful. Few small pictures on the wall. No scary anatomy charts. Cabinets are clean and orderly; no labels of scary medical tools. When scene opens, the female patient and male doctor are seated, discussing the case.

Patient (incoherent): mumbles about symptoms
Doctor: Hmmm, that sounds bad. Why don’t you come over to the exam table so that I can take a look?

Doctor carefully uses fancy instruments to examine patient. He’s careful to move slowly and talk calmly to the patient, but he looks worried and perplexed by the presentation.

Doctor (to patient): Ok. You can take a seat again. Motions to chair. Patient moves off the exam table and sits down. Hmmmm, I think you’ve stumped me again. I can’t wait for the day when you present something normal. smiles
Patient nods, then responds: Yes. Actress can insert a clever response here, such a reference to breaking an arm or catching the flu. Well, uh… laughs
Doctor: Well, yes. Well, I can’t really say without taking some images, but it’s likely that it’s not serious. Why don’t you wait and see if it gets better over the weekend? Maybe think about taking some over-the-counter medication. If it doesn’t get better, call me first thing Monday morning. But… conversation continues but incoherent. Doctor clearly looks puzzled by presentation.


In the drama that is my life, this is what this afternoon’s appointment with Dr. Mark looked like. Fortunately, a sense of humor can come in handy sometimes.

In pain but amused,


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