StackedI wrote a stack of thank you for your sympathy notes today. One of my friends lost her mother last month, and she needed some help writing notes to all the people who attended the memorial service & sent cards and such. I wound up writing the generic cards to people who had a simple connection to the family while my friend Melissa wrote to closer friends.

It was a simple task. It only took one hour out of my day. But the simple task of helping someone else, easing a friend’s burden, made all the difference. I felt so much better.

I love to write. I’m organized. I can get things done if I set my mind to it. Being able to share that with someone else, especially when it’s hard for them, meant so much.

I love that friendship always goes both ways. When you are a friend to someone else, you are cherished too. Being needed feels good, being a blessing feels better.

Grateful for the little moments every day,




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