DHANAK (Rainbow)A simple sentence. A straightforward thought. Sometimes a little means a lot.

He said, Sometimes you do have to listen to your body.

She said, You could complete your Ph.D. with your eyes closed.

In just a few words. Validation. Confirmation. Support. Friendship.

They meant, You work really hard and you do need to take a break when your body is exhausted. That’s realistic and normal. There’s no need to apologize for logical behavior.

AND I know there’s a lot of pressure in graduate school, and people seem to be saying some really mean things. But, Abigail, you have an amazing capacity. The fact that you can accomplish so much with so little energy demonstrates your incredible potential. Believe in it. Run with it. It’ll take you far. Don’t let petty comments stop you.

It’s like the rain has parted and a rainbow fills the sky. It’s those little words that encourage me each step of the way.

Blessed and thankful,



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