…to say that I’ve been living in bed basically. I’ve been really exhausted and in a ton of pain. My goal is to get out of the apartment almost every day and to spend at least one hour doing something productive. Seeing as how “productive” includes things like taking out the trash and doing the laundry, this blog is being neglected a bit. Hopefully, once I get a little bit more energy, I can tell you about all the things going through my head.

One thing that I’ve appreciated about my doctors in the past week is that they take me seriously. I talk to them in person and over the phone about some of the crazy symptoms that I’m experiencing and how I can’t even describe what they are. Sometimes they can be scary, and I’m never sure whether they are really noteworthy. Both Drs. Mark and Leo took me seriously. They don’t know what’s wrong. They are not familiar with the symptoms that I described. But they’re committed to helping me to find an answer and to navigate the maze that is the medical world. I know it’s hard for them because they feel vulnerable and frustrated. But I appreciate that they take the time to hear my concerns and to get to know that I’m not a complainer. I’m honored that they’re willing to work together with me to devise a plan of treatment. In the midst of much negativity and indifference, their heart comforts me. So even when they feel they haven’t done anything, they’ve actually started the work of healing, in my heart, and that’s really the work of a doctor: to heal.

Abigail Cashelle


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