Dr. Leo takes us to Australia where kangaroos and koalas support the chronically ill

I had an interesting appointment with Dr. Leo yesterday. Someone asked me to describe it today and two words came to mind: good and sobering. The appointment was good because we talked about a lot of things that were happening and made decisions about what to do for the next few months. I walked away feeling much more informed and in good hands.

At the same time, it was a sobering conversation. Dr. Leo asked me how things were going, and I gave him a fake smile and said that they were pretty much the same as when we last talked. He nodded his head just like Taylor did a few months ago, acknowledging my comment and pausing to recognize the gravity and tragedy of my words.

We talked through a lot of details of my situation, he asked me a lot of questions, and I explained a lot of environmental things that have been going on. We talked about school & being a young adult dealing with this type of illness. He became rather indignant of the way in which my department has treated me because it’s indirectly worsening my condition; he’s pledged to make them stop. (Always nice.)

Then he said something new, something no physician has ever said to me before. Dr. Leo told me that he didn’t want to put me on new medication as I already seem to be in a rough place. New meds definitely take time to adjust to and my body might not be in a position to handle drastic changes. Instead, he suggested that I follow a diet alteration recently developed in Australia!! The diet itself is fairly similar to the gluten-free/dairy-free regimen I’m already following and the private list of items I try to avoid. The main difference is that I need to pay more attention to the specific vegetables and fruits that I eat. Because its Australian, there are definitely things on the list that I have never heard of like dandelion roots, chicory, and paw paw. It definitely adds amusement to the whole task!! The good thing is that I’m getting to try a whole new world of flavors and textures. So I’m actually expanding my palate, which is one of my goals for this summer.

A sobering conversation but very profitable. Healing and progress are slow and not always moving forward. Answers are hard to come by. Things may not happen in a preferable order. But patience and care and a little bit of humor go a long way.


3 thoughts on “We Interrupt This Drama to Bring You to Australia!!

  1. I hope he is able to help with school and I say good luck with the food. Let me know if you find any good recipes:)


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