In last talking to Dr. Leo, I realized that I’ve become buried under an onslaught of information and tasks. It seems like everyone I’ve talked to in the last few days has wondered why I haven’t gotten around to doing something they asked me to do last time we talked. And the answer always is that it got lost in the midst of everything else that I have been taking care of.

As I told Alana earlier this week, this is what my life looks like:

medical stuff, dissertation-related stuff, school politics, church stuff (x2 for 2 church groups), roommate stuff, food stuff, family stuff, project stuff, housework stuff, friend stuff, and since my brain is functioning at half capacity, it’s just WAY too much stuff!!

I think Elliot had the most useful perspective:

At this point, you might just be in a doctor / information / medicine overload. Take a step back from it all for a couple weeks! As hard as it sounds, your best treatment right now might be just to find a way to not focus on it?

TV static
Remember the days?

So I’m taking some time to just scream some static into all the drama. Well, I’m not exactly a screamer, but I’m just taking a step back and laying low from all the stuff. I’m not sure if that means I won’t be writing or not, but I’ll only write if writing is cathartic or I feel the pressing need to share some new discovery with you all.

So even if you don’t hear from me in the next few days, know that I’m still here, still in need of encouragement, and still fighting to be in me (in the midst of the drama that is called life).



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