This past week has been… a lot of things. I’m feeling very overwhelmed physically, emotionally, and maybe even spiritually. But I wanted to share a few good things that sustained me through the week:

– attending vespers and seeing Timothy & Grace’s faces light up when they saw me walk in
– spending time to pause and begin a gratitude journal
– the genuine friendship of Timothy & Grace in a time of sincere need on my part*
– receiving a spontaneous gift from Alana that melted my heart because she had taken the time to know me**
– the peace that came with writing a letter to a former coworker in basic training

Even though there are a lot of parts of this past week that I’d love to forget, they build the context for all these moments. The love and the peace that I felt in each of these moments I wouldn’t trade for anything. So, all in all, the time was not wasted.


P.S. Perhaps some of these anecdotes could use elaboration:

* Grace texted me a few hours before they came over to my apartment for dinner and asked if they could bring anything. I decided to be assertive and ask for support; I replied that I had everything I needed for dinner, but it would really help me a lot if they could stay a little longer to pray and just hang out. And they did, no questions asked. In fact, Timothy didn’t even blink an eye when I asked him to cut a cantaloupe. I knew that serving it would take all the energy I had, so I just gave him the melon, a knife, a cutting board, and a plate. I know I smiled and laughed the most this week during those hours that they were at my apartment.

** Alana’s gift feels like the first time someone put together a set of gifts that matched me perfectly. It was a small flat rate box. I thought that she was mailing me a birthday present, but when I opened it, it was a bunch of little packages with cards for each package. This is what it contained:
– an Eeyore tank top, which said: Not Blue, Just Thoughtful (because I love Eeyore & the sentiment captures my thought entirely)
– a beautiful headband with dainty flowers
– a set of quilt holders for my quilting projects
– a postcard of a quilt with this note:

These are some little things I’ve gotten over the past couple weeks that made me think of you. I couldn’t wait to give them to you — but you still have to wait until I get there for your birthday present. It seems like so long until then!

I can’t wait until Alana comes to visit on Monday!!



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