It’s hard to put into words how much I enjoyed Alana’s visit. Let me put it this way: by the end of the week, every single doctor of mine knew that my best friend was in town and I was actually sleeping through consecutive nights!!*

entertaining herself during one of my appointments

Alana’s visit was a combination of her accompanying through daily activities, catching up on the latest goings on in our communities, and just having fun together. Here are some things we did:
– visit to the Office of Disability Services at my university
– visit to Dr. Mark
– vespers service, including meeting Timothy
– visit to my counselor (where she hung out in the lobby)
– one-on-one class with my adviser (where she entertained herself on the porch)
– Sunday morning church service
– grocery shopping & cooking
– clothing shopping at the outlet mall, the thrift store, and the actual mall
– lunch with friends from church
– built a bookcase and rearranged the furniture in my bedroom
– played violin & made a violin-turned-viola back into a violin
– sewing projects
– pieced together most of a quilt for Quilts for Kids
– watched movies including PostGrad, TinTin, and Puss in Boots
– fingernail art
– groaned about the ways in which well-meaning matchmakers try to set us up (while she was here, someone tried to introduce her to a nice man with a cane who happened to be from the same state!!)

One thing I realized is that we’ve gotten to know each other by spending a lot of time together and really listening to the other person. She got me the perfect birthday present based on previous conversations and my (personal) Pinterest board. We’ve met a lot of each other’s friends and accompanied each other to weekly activities. So it didn’t matter that the two different church services we attended were rather dissimilar to those of her home church. It didn’t matter if there were days where I still slept half the day or if I just watched her cook meals for me day after day. She was there to be a part of my life the way it actually was, and if she could help make things easier for me, she was more than willing to do so.

Because of this, we could focus on the good things in life and make light of some of the more absurd things that happened that week. The fact that we ran into my neighbor while trying to rent a Redbox movie, and he had no clue who I was? The perfect scenario to joke about matchmaking and the ironies of apartment living. The fact that Dr. Leo promised to call some time that week but by the end of the week I still hadn’t heard from him? Enter a comment on him being like an incredibly unreliable boyfriend; I knew he would call when he had the opportunity, but it was amusing to be hanging on the edge of my seat for days on end. The fact that we had sewing projects all over the living room floor? We had created an obstacle course of fun stuff all over the apartment!! It was dangerous to be sure because a misstep could land you on random pins or a teetering stack of stuff, but it reminded us every minute of all the great plans we had of crafting and creating.

So grateful,
Abigail Cashelle

*If it’s not already obvious, I talk about the important friends in my life a lot. My best friends and people I interact with frequently all hear about each other.

Plus, as a chronic patient, I’m on close enough terms with my physicians to talk to them all the time. Of course we focus on my medical condition and how things are progressing, but they feel comfortable and familiar enough to joke around about the unpredictability of my condition and to tell me about the adventures of moving into a new house.



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