I was browsing blogs today, (especially after I realized that it was the one thing I did today that made me happy!!) and came across some interesting quizzes. What kind of medical doctor should I be? and Should I go to medical school?

Here are my results:

Yes, it turns out that I was born to be a pediatrician. Why? Because I’m extremely fond of children and like coming home with the satisfaction that I “cured” something that would have gone away on its own in a week. At least that’s what the quiz says. I’m pretty sure it’s because I said that my hero was “Big Bird”.

Before you start worrying that I might actually become a pediatrician, I should warn you that the second test said that it is very unlikely that med school is the right choice for me. Here is the exact wording:

Your results indicate you probably shouldn’t go to med school. If you go, you might be taking the spot of someone else who did better on this internet quiz than you did. But don’t worry, there are lots of other careers that would make better use of your set of skills, such as a tattoo artist, career criminal, circus freak, or systems analyst.

I’m pretty sure that’s because I said that I need to sleep in order to live.

Curious whether you could be a better physician than your own? Take the tests for yourself!!


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