Today was just all-around a hard day. By the time Timothy & Grace came over to my place, I was lying on my futon, wishing the gnawing feeling in my abdomen would just go away. Plus my energy was really low.

They didn’t have time to stay. They were dropping off some of their furniture at my apartment since they’re moving this week and needed someone to store it.

I’m so happy that they came even if I didn’t have the energy to get off the futon. Sure, they took out a week’s worth of trash & two weeks’ worth of recycling. I’d be procrastinating on hiking to the dumpster in order to save energy to do things like attend their going away party yesterday. I’ve laid awake at night dreaming of hiring a service to take out my trash. It’s really a lifesaver for me. And I love the fact that I have three times as much furniture in my living room now.

But more than that, I’m just happy that they came by. To see their smiling faces. To be comfortable being in a vulnerable position in front of them. (Rememberwhen I was scared of meeting Timothy alone?) To know that even though they couldn’t stay, they’re keeping me in their hearts and prayers. To have physical evidence that they’ll visit again some time in the future (to collect their furniture!!) To be reminded that even when I’m on the futon, I’m not alone — I’m as much a part of their community as they are of my life; I’m praying for them and their future as much as they’re praying for me.

~ Abigail



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