One of my classmates brought me back some gifts from her travels. I’m touched by her generosity. We’re from very different cultures, and we have different ways of showing people that we care. She always surprises me with her heart and how well she knows me. Here’s what she gave me:

– a combination chopsticks-fork/spoon set. It’s just so hilarious. In America, we use sporks if we want one item to function as both a fork and a spoon. But who have found thought of chopsticks-fork/spoon? And much better than a spork, both the fork and the spoon actually work!!

– Earl Grey tea, direct from India!! It’s got a bunch of Alice in Wonderland jokes on it. Here are a few:

“How to Make Hot Tea (a.k.a. Uncold Tea) by the Mad Hatter: Start at the beginning (and when you come to the end… stop). Pour hot water over one tea bag in your cup and steep for 2 to 3 minutes (we recommend your clock be two days slow). Move down the table to get a clean cup.”

“My Way to Make Iced Tea by the Queen of Hearts: Don’t twiddle your fingers! Prepare tea as normal, but double the amount of tea. Once it is brewed, off with the heat! Refrigerate it until cold (curtsey while you’re refrigerating, it saves time). Serve over ice, sweeten if desired, then… let me have it!”

“Wonderland Warranty: nothing would be what it is, because everything would be what it isn’t. And contrarywise — what it is, it wouldn’t be, And what it wouldn’t be, it would.”




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