As mentioned before, I’ve had a million phone conversations recently. This week, they have been more of the 15-20 minute variety. But I’ve discovered that you can learn a lot about people in sticky situations.

Case in point: Dr. Leo called me this afternoon. Why? Because I sent him a message earlier today and asked him to. We talked about a lot of things, including this visit. Like I said, it was a straightforward conversation. But the thing that struck me most at the end was his parting words:

Thank you so much.

Wait, what? He’s thanking me? For what? I think this makes even less sense than me thanking Dr. Mark for listening without giving me an answer.

The thing about it was that Dr. Leo was very sincere. It meant something to him to be able to talk to me about my case & my life. It wasn’t just that he didn’t mind that I had flooded his inbox with emails. (Well, if you can flood an inbox by sending two emails in one morning.) It wasn’t merely that I picked up the phone when he called. I’m not sure what it was. But I’d like to think that somehow I can contribute to making his job just a little bit easier, and that makes me happy.




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