I woke up this morning to discover blood in my saliva. Yes, let me say that again: blood in my saliva. Then I remembered that I had seen the same thing last night, right before I went to bed. But I was too exhausted to even think about doing anything about it. Oh well, just don’t brush your teeth that hard next time. Wait, did I even brush my teeth?

Back to this morning: it was 5:45 am. I was not ready to be out of bed at all. But when I see blood in places that are supposed to be blood-free, I freak out (if I’m not super exhausted). Can I get an appointment with Dr. Mark? No, and none of his seven or so associates have any appointments open for this week. Strange.

So I went to Urgent Care, folks. By. Myself. At. Seven. A. M. It wasn’t that I didn’t reach out to a ton of people. But Aaron’s phone went straight to voicemail. Diana had class at 8:30 and could only drop me off. My roommate Gretchen had class at 8 so she couldn’t even do that. Erica didn’t get my message until 7:45 (and did actually come to the clinic). Alana and Tabitha responded right away; but they are each over 8 hours away. They texted me that they were praying and then texted a few hours later demanding updates. Other people? They didn’t respond until after 8. It reinforces that fear that I have that if something scary comes up, I might be all on my own.

At Urgent Care, Dr. Timely came in. He asked me what was going on and listened to me talk about this recurring infection thing that we couldn’t seem to get to the bottom of. Then he listened with his stethoscope. Then he said, Uh, why are you on antibiotics again? Infection. That doesn’t make sense. I would encourage you to take over the counter cold medications. But I wouldn’t be too worried. If it’s just blood in your saliva (as opposed to in your mucus) then it probably wasn’t anything. Maybe it didn’t even happen.

Before you yell WHAT! as I know that some of you will, remember that this is before 8 am and I’ve been awake and freaked out since 5:45 am. And I’m by myself at Urgent Care; (technically, Erica’s in the waiting room, but I haven’t even seen her yet). I just stare at Dr. Timely and say, Ok. That was it. He told me to come back if the problem worsens, but basically, he didn’t have anything to offer me. And as aforementioned friends each pointed out, saying that maybe I imagined blood might be convenient for Dr. Timely, but doesn’t really address the problem.

Fortunately for me, Dr. Leo responded to my email this afternoon and explained, among other things, that blood in the saliva really only occurs with sinus infections and mouth sores. The antibiotic that Dr. Mark’s colleague prescribed last week should cover the sinus infection & I would know if I had a mouth sore. So he told me to keep an eye on it but not to worry too much.

So, all in all, it’s been an interesting day. Aaron called me back and asked if he could pray for me… on the phone, which was really nice. Diana offered to come over with some food. I managed to talk to one professor over the phone and also get out of this week’s classes.

One crazy day,


One thought on “One of Those Days…

  1. Ah, so sorry to hear you were feeling alone! I pray this promise from God’s word may encourage you — “but there is a friend [lit., “One who loves”] that sticks closer than a brother.” (Proverbs 18:24), and He “your God is He who is going with you; He shall not fail you nor forsake you.” (Deuteronomy 31:6). Praying for you!


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