the drama continues; life continues to be hard. It looks like I have a doctor’s appointment every business day this week, and the homework keeps piling up even if I don’t go to class (or maybe especially if I don’t go to class.) Lots of people are unhappy with me. I’m miserable being in bed all the time. Things are not going the way they’re supposed to. BUT sometimes, there’s a silver lining. Today I found it:

awesome academic calendar


My roommate Gretchen has been looking for a planner that has slots for the different hours of the day. It’s her first year in graduate school, and she’s suddenly discovering how much work it can all be. It’s not enough any more to know what day things have to be done; she wants to be able to order her schedule in her planner. The funny thing is, she hasn’t been able to find a planner that has what she wants. (Plus, she’s been too busy to look for one.) I’ve been keeping my eye out every time I’m out on some errand or another. I love buying the perfect gift for someone, and I finally found one for her.

I know that she had told me that she doesn’t need another planner; but I knew that she would love this one. I decided to go ahead and buy it for her as a “just because” gift. So I did!! I got home and wrote a card that said: “A ‘just because’ gift because… (1) even if you don’t need an hourly planner, life would be so much easier with one, (2) the dogs are irresistible, and (3) that’s what friends are for.”

I have never seen anyone get SO excited over a planner. She was practically jumping up and down when she opened the gift!! She loves it because it’s blue and has dogs. It has hours of the day in military time, which is extremely thrilling. It’s got those awesome perforated corners so you can exactly mark where you are in the planner PLUS it has a blue ribbon. It’s got everything marked in six different languages, including Dutch (which is a European language she knows a little of.) It even has a calendar of all the European holidays.

see? a page for every day with hours of the day delineated out

For me, it was an awesome experience. It was about caring for her as a person and getting her something extra that I knew could make her life just a little easier. Sometimes, you can’t afford to purchase something for yourself (or spend the time to find it), but that’s where friends come in. Friends get you stuff that you don’t always need but could really use. And, the beauty of friendship is that what makes your friend happy, makes you happy to. It’s a win-win.

So that’s the beauty that snuck into my day today. In the midst of everything, I made Gretchen’s day. And that has made all the difference.

Happy to be a friend,




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