and so the adventure continues.

Doctors’ visits. School politics. Church people. Lots of rest. It’s been a lot. There’s a ton of things that I could write about. A lot of things that have gone wrong. Many reasons why my heart could be bitter.

But today, I’m choosing to write about the things I’m grateful for. Because every day brings misery. But in the midst of all that, these things are golden:
– Aaron visited me on Friday. He asked about me, about my studies, about my religious background. I felt like I mattered to him, and he was there to listen. And he prayed some with me from the Book of Common Prayer, which was really comforting.

– I asked a friend of a friend for some advice, and it turned into a long conversation about stuff. Since we don’t really know each other, we got to exchange basic information like where we grew up and what instruments we played!! She promised to call to pray with me and just to be supportive.

– my second cousin’s niece plays a plastic violin and is in dire need of a better one. She asked me if I knew how to find one (especially if money was scarce), and a friend of a friend who actually lives nearby offered to meet up with the niece & her family and get one for her! I think I just made my second cousin once removed’s dream come true!

– I met with one of Dr. Leo’s colleagues last week, and she spent the entire 90 minute encounter listening to me discuss my condition and medical history. I wasn’t entirely sure how she planned to help me, but I did leave knowing that she actually knew me as a patient and had a very clear idea of what I wanted and needed. I since found a little bit more information about her and am excited about this potential treatment direction.

– I saw Dr. Mark today about a symptom that’s been bothering me for at least the last six weeks. People have given me this fantastic name for the symptom and told me not to worry about it because it’s perfectly benign, but it keeps getting worse and making my life miserable. He spent a lot of time listening to me talk and examining me, and between the two, we were able to put together some observations and arrive at a diagnostic plan. There’s a lot still to be determined, but I really appreciated all the time he spent listening to me and explaining to me what the diagnostic tests would be like.

Thank you also for listening,



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