Cherry Creek Shopping Center
I went shopping at the mall today. I had a coupon or two and some amazing sales that I wanted to hit. I finally had the time. And, for once this month, I didn’t feel like a lead soldier when I woke up. So I hit the mall. And I didn’t just go to the mall; folks, I went to the mall!!

I used to go shopping at the mall just to counter depression. I’m not really sure why shopping at the mall is a panacea for me, but it is. Today as I was walking through the mall, I was reminded how happy I can be just walking around looking at stuff for sale. And because I wasn’t actually depressed, I could thoroughly enjoy the expedition! Plus, I only had to take two one-hour naps this afternoon to compensate, so I’d say it was worth it.

Here’s what I bought:
– $6 (not $14) makeup: my best friend is getting married next week, and I’ve been coveting some eye shadow. I’m one of the bridesmaids, and I want to look extra pretty for the pictures, so this eye shadow should be just the thing!
– $10 (not $45) knit top from one of my favorite designers: it’s got flutter sleeves too which I’ve been dying to wear
– $20 (not $100) tube-top dress from expensive designer; I think the dress was designed wrong because the top is probably a size XL or XXL but the waist is definitely a S. However, I’m pretty sure I can alter it in about 20 minutes to make an awesome skirt without purchasing any extra materials. If it turns out great, I might go back and get another one.
– $14 (not $70) designer handbag. I wanted a bag to have all my stuff backstage at the wedding, and for some reason, I don’t have anything the perfect size. I found this one at a thrift store, and it’s even in a pattern that I wish I had purchased back when it was the thing. It’s barely used, so I’m pretty sure it’ll have a long life.

I love shopping, and I love being a genius at finding deals!! At the store with the dress, the clerk told me, Wow! You really found a deal!

Shopping made me happy because nothing about this trip was defined by my illness. Of course, I’d been collecting items that I wanted to purchase and coupons I wanted to use for at least a month. In fact, I even told Diana last week that I was going to purchase the makeup that day! And, if I wasn’t worried about being tired, I would have shopped much longer than 2 hours. But, all in all, I just used my savvy thrifting skills and my eye for good quality products. Now that I sew some, I can price items based on cost of materials and quality of workmanship and know whether or not I’m getting a good deal. Plus, I have a little bit of an idea on resale value; i.e. I probably could use the designer handbag a few times and then resell it for about the same price.

The bottom line is that it’s nice to have a few hours when having a chronic illness doesn’t matter or isn’t the number 1, 2, and 3 priority on my mind. A very satisfying end to a crazy week!!



3 thoughts on “Happy to Announce I Went to the Mall

  1. It’s great whenever you have a day when you just feel like a person, not a sick-person. Glad you had such a successful trip – there are few things in life more satisfying than spending very little money and getting lots of awesome stuff!


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