Bethany’s wedding was beautiful. The ceremony itself was a blur. I remember fixing her dress a lot for the many, many pictures they took afterwards. I remember talking to a lot of her friends & relatives. But a couple things stood out to me:

– the groom: right as I was getting ready to leave, the groom came up to me and thanked me for everything I had done to support Bethany up until this point. He said, There’s no way that Bethany and I could have gotten married without you. I’m so grateful for everything that you’ve done for her and for what a friend you’ve been to her. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. As the tears welled up in his eyes, I kept thinking of all the things Bethany and I had done together in the few years. From praying for her and her (now) husband, urging her to take pre-marital counsel seriously, walking through the various steps of wedding planning, hearing the first stories of “the boyfriend”, to flying down to be the first friend to meet the guy. It meant a lot to me that someone noticed how much I care about Bethany and want what’s best for her. But it meant even more coming from the groom.

– the bride: when I was saying my very last goodbye to my newly married best friend, she whispered these words in my ear: I’ll be praying for you health-wise. It meant so much to me to hear her say that. I know that she cares about me deeply & wants to give me something eternal, something she knows I value a lot. A lot of our conversations for the past few years have revolved around the boy & then the wedding, and it sometimes felt like our friendship fell by the wayside. But even though we talk less, I think we’re closer than ever.

– my hair: bridesmaid #4 did my hair for me, just because I asked her to. For some strange reason, I was the only girl who had her hair done on site. So it meant that I was the center of attention because the bride was in the back room doing some makeup stuff, and the photographer was hovering around me taking photos. So I had my special moment.

– best man, brother of the groom: I had the opportunity to meet the brother of the groom & his girlfriend last year over Christmas. It made it feel much more like family during the wedding since I knew many of the wedding party. As he gave me a hug goodbye, I reminded him that I’ll probably be in town again for Christmas. Looking at his face, it was almost like having a new brother-in-law when he said, I can’t wait to see you then.

So, I’m really happy. The wedding was beautiful. We wore some splendid dresses and carried lovely flowers. But mostly, that feeling of being part of family and being someone’s best friend, sister, and daughter: I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Abigail Cashelle


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