Another day, another specialist. The actual visit with the doctor was fine. He was very kind and knowledgeable. But the surrounding discussions were rather interesting, and adding them altogether, I got a sum total of ludicrous. Here’s a summary of some of the things that were said to me during a 60 minute visit:

– Do you know how to order a pregnancy test?? Umm, no. I do know that I’m not pregnant. One doctor, two nurses, and a scheduler asked me this question. I do know that they usually want to know if you’re pregnant before they expose you to radiation, but I’m not convinced that running a pregnancy test a week before the x-ray is relevant. No problem, says the doctor. Just tell them that you didn’t get pregnant between now and then. Now, do you know how to order it????

– They ordered the wrong pregnancy test. We don’t do that type of pregnancy test any more. Did you know they ordered the wrong test? No. Well, they did. Oh, do you need me to go and get them to order the correct test? No, that’s okay, honey. I’ll take care of it. But it’s unbelievable. They ordered a non-existent test. Ummmm, yeah, they didn’t really know how to order a pregnancy test.

– Did the doctor tell you what kind of imaging he wanted? Did he give you any more information than this paper you handed me?? No. He wanted to order a CT scan. The order is on a separate piece of paper that he has. Oh. Let me go find that.

– Do you know how to order this CT scan? I have the paper now. No.

– Do you know where the doctor used to work? He’s new here. I think he transferred from another location. Did he transfer from location B? I don’t know. Well, did you see him on this side of the building or the other side? This side. Ok. Well, I still think he used to work at location B. Uhhhh, sure?

– Were you here when person W was murdered? No. Well, I was, and I met the two murderers before they murdered her. Would you believe it? They wouldn’t listen to me when I told them that they needed to have real careers. Now they’re in jail for life. It serves them right for ending such a young life. Uh huh.

Suffice it to say, none of this dialogue drums up any confidence. If my pregnancy test gets lost or my CT scan never gets scheduled, I wouldn’t be that surprised. Fortunately, I liked the doctor, and we were able to talk about cardiological stuff and EDS and other worrisome medical stuff. He does actually know that stuff pretty well even if he doesn’t know who to ask about ordering a pregnancy test!

I don’t mind being a sounding board for thoughts or ideas. But, you know? There are reasons I pay for medical care. They include the fact that I don’t know or am not licensed to do things like order a CT scan. And, I’m certainly not qualified to pass judgment on local murderers who may or may not have had medical exams in the past.

Just another humdrum day,
Abigail Cashelle


3 thoughts on “do you know where he worked before, and other questions (not) to ask the patient

  1. Talk about a disorganized office! And that thing about routine pregnancy tests, no matter what you tell them, has really started to get on my nerves…

  2. Oh my dear Abigail, sorry you have to deal with ridiculous medical staff. bleh bleh. Did entertain me to read your conversations, though. People are funny, but you were probably a lot more frustrated and less amused by this interaction.


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