I’ve been feeling pretty awful for the past two months, and there’s been a lot of bouncing around between my core medical team and some other specialists. They have been different diagnostic tests and various suggestions of how to move forward. It’s been really rough, and at this point, everyone on the core team agrees that the physical pain is taking a toll on my emotional stability.

I have some tests and appointments scheduled over the next few weeks. (I think that’s always true though.) Anyhow, I’m hoping that they’ll either figure out what’s wrong or that my condition will stabilize.

In the mean time, I’d appreciate your prayers and good thoughts for the journey. Please pray specifically for:
– clarity and resolution
– strength for the journey
– wisdom, humility, and mercy for the physicians involved*

Thank you,

* I’ve begun to realize that dealing with my case is also trying for my physicians. One doctor really, really, really wishes that he can do something that will turn things around. Another really, really, really wants me not to need quite so much medical attention. And all of this takes place for them in the midst of their own lives and the lives of their other patients, which lives get messy as well!!


2 thoughts on “For your prayers and good thoughts

  1. Thanks for letting me know how to pray. Also praying for you to know Christ “in whom are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.” Love you sister. Always praying for you.


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