One reader (Lydia) asked me to share a little bit more about my crafty life, so I here now present a non-medical, non-religious post!!!!

Visit us in real life and you can sign it!!
Gretchen and I have decided that our apartment needs more color as in a LOT more color. Grace and Timothy lent us some furniture, so now we actually have living room furniture besides a futon!! Thus, Project Make Apartment Homey was born.

One day when I was feeling downright terrible, I was browsing on Etsy, my second favorite craft site next to Pinterest and stumbled across this thing called the “autograph quilt”. I decided that this would be a great way to add color to our apartment, especially since I had also stumbled across a beautiful quilt kit in a print that I’d be eyeing. So, now, we have a guest quilt hanging on the wall.

Check it out!! I’ve signed it already. 🙂

See? More color.
Furthermore, Diana found out that I like to sew and donated a cotton shower curtain to us. Gretchen took one look at it & knew what we were supposed to do with it. That’s why we have a shower curtain stapled to our dining room wall. (It’s called decorating on a graduate student budget.) It sounds crazy, but it looks awesome. I really like it.

Welcome one, welcome all!! Please come in and sign our quilt. 🙂
Then, I decided that we needed seasonal decoration. That was the one thing I did last year. So we made a field trip out of it on Saturday and came home with scarecrows. I think there’s no question in anyone’s mind that two girls live in our apartment. And I think Aaron might roll his eyes when he sees what we’ve done. (That’s what he gets for living with a bunch of guys.)

Do you see what I see? It’s autumn!!




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