WeGo Health is sponsoring another month-long series of blog posts about health activism, and I’ve signed up to participate. There are some pretty interesting prompts that will challenge me to think about health and wellness in new ways and hopefully answer some of your questions that you so graciously did (not) voice!! If nothing else, it’ll give me some inspiration for writing.

Given the fact that life has been one crazy thing after another for the past few months, I make no promises about daily posting. In fact, given that I spent the entire day in bed yesterday (with the lights off) except to go to class, go to the bank, eat breakfast, eat lunch, and eat dinner, I’m lucky if the blog even makes it on the short list of things I thought about. So bear with me as I write and don’t write. Know that I love writing as it gives me an outlet to articulate all the crazy things that are going through my head. Even more, every comment is encouraging and helps provide just a little bit more motivation to plod on.

Thanks for reading! I hope you stay entertained or informed or encouraged.



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