Exciting News

It’s official. I heard it from Grace herself yesterday. ::drumroll:: Timothy & Grace are moving back!!!!!!!

A lot of prayer, a lot of reflection: they’ve decided to return to the area to be part of the same ministry that Aaron is part of. Grace is looking for a part-time job, so that they’ll have some supplementary income. There are a few details that need to be worked out with regard to housing and dates. But… the bottom line is that they’re coming back. And I couldn’t be more thrilled!!!!!

Remember Alana’s prayer? God answers prayers in ways far beyond what we could ask or think.

Incredibly blessed and excited,


Has New Friends!!!

Just a quick post to say that someone moved to my home church from another continent & his wife just moved here. They are awesome & my age. And I’m super excited!!!! And it bothers them not that I am on a special diet.

God is good. No other words necessary.


P.S. I need to come up with awesome blog names for them & my brain is fried. Any suggestions?

P.P.S. New friends have been named: Isaac & Elora. (Elora means “God is my light”. Think about Aurora which means “dawn” and “El” which means Jehovah.)

Quick Update

Just a quick update to say that my echocardiogram came back normal. So my heart is normal. And we’re not closer to answers than before.

I’m focusing back on my studies. And I’m dealing with some other drama in my life. A long-lost relative recently passed away, and I’m still trying to process my grief and feelings.

Once I have some more free time, I’ll post again. 🙂



Browsing on Pinterest tonight, I saw this quote. It reminds me so much of Timothy & Grace and some of our conversations. I’m a little bit sad because I miss them and I was supposed to visit them this weekend. However, life got in the way and I’ve been in bed all week, so I had to cancel the trip. So this quote is in honor of Timothy & Grace, the special friends who first became this to me:

Decorating My Apartment

One reader (Lydia) asked me to share a little bit more about my crafty life, so I here now present a non-medical, non-religious post!!!!

Visit us in real life and you can sign it!!
Gretchen and I have decided that our apartment needs more color as in a LOT more color. Grace and Timothy lent us some furniture, so now we actually have living room furniture besides a futon!! Thus, Project Make Apartment Homey was born.

One day when I was feeling downright terrible, I was browsing on Etsy, my second favorite craft site next to Pinterest and stumbled across this thing called the “autograph quilt”. I decided that this would be a great way to add color to our apartment, especially since I had also stumbled across a beautiful quilt kit in a print that I’d be eyeing. So, now, we have a guest quilt hanging on the wall.

Check it out!! I’ve signed it already. 🙂

See? More color.
Furthermore, Diana found out that I like to sew and donated a cotton shower curtain to us. Gretchen took one look at it & knew what we were supposed to do with it. That’s why we have a shower curtain stapled to our dining room wall. (It’s called decorating on a graduate student budget.) It sounds crazy, but it looks awesome. I really like it.

Welcome one, welcome all!! Please come in and sign our quilt. 🙂
Then, I decided that we needed seasonal decoration. That was the one thing I did last year. So we made a field trip out of it on Saturday and came home with scarecrows. I think there’s no question in anyone’s mind that two girls live in our apartment. And I think Aaron might roll his eyes when he sees what we’ve done. (That’s what he gets for living with a bunch of guys.)

Do you see what I see? It’s autumn!!


For your prayers and good thoughts

I’ve been feeling pretty awful for the past two months, and there’s been a lot of bouncing around between my core medical team and some other specialists. They have been different diagnostic tests and various suggestions of how to move forward. It’s been really rough, and at this point, everyone on the core team agrees that the physical pain is taking a toll on my emotional stability.

I have some tests and appointments scheduled over the next few weeks. (I think that’s always true though.) Anyhow, I’m hoping that they’ll either figure out what’s wrong or that my condition will stabilize.

In the mean time, I’d appreciate your prayers and good thoughts for the journey. Please pray specifically for:
– clarity and resolution
– strength for the journey
– wisdom, humility, and mercy for the physicians involved*

Thank you,

* I’ve begun to realize that dealing with my case is also trying for my physicians. One doctor really, really, really wishes that he can do something that will turn things around. Another really, really, really wants me not to need quite so much medical attention. And all of this takes place for them in the midst of their own lives and the lives of their other patients, which lives get messy as well!!

What do you want to know?

For those of you arriving from Medical Monday Blog Carnival, welcome!! My (blog) name is Abigail Cashelle, and I write about my journey through young adulthood with chronic illness. We’re not really sure what I have, but it’s something like chronic fatigue syndrome/fibromyalgia–functional GI disorder–Ehlers-Danlos syndrome–major depressive disorder and treating it is similar to throwing darts at a target in the dark.

It’s hard to believe that I’ve been blogging for over six months now, and I’ve already hit my 100th post!!

Calling all readers (yes, even you!!)
I’ve written a lot about my own medical saga, so you can be up-to-date on the newest theory as to what I have. I write a lot about doctor’s visits and conversations, a good bit about being a friend to a chronic patient, and some of my own reflections.

Now I’m reaching out to you readers. What would you like to hear? What interests you most? And what would you like to read more about? Is there something you’ve always wanted to know about living with a chronic illness? Think I have my life together & want to know how? (Quick answer: it’s probably a facade.) One loyal reader has already asked for more posts (and pictures) of crafting & quilting. (Coming soon!!)

Please comment with your name & what you’d like to see me write about in the next few months. Ask any questions you wish, and I’ll answer as many as possible (with discretion, of course.) If you don’t want to use your real name, feel free to use a made-up name. Or, email me at abigail.cashelle (at) gmail.com. If you don’t have any suggestions, tell me what types of posts you like most OR tell me the color of your toothbrush. Something for everyone, ok?

Thank you. I can’t wait to hear from all of you.

Best wishes,