I write about a lot of people (and some animals too!!) on this blog. People are really important to me, particularly the quality of time I spend with them.

bridesmaids at Bethany’s wedding
I write out of gratitude.
I write from a genuine heart.
I write my own observations.
I write about how people care for me even in little ways.
I write about the people who make up my world.
I write about the people I talk to when things get hard or confusing.
I write about people who are the living, breathing description of friends.

To protect their privacy and my own, I’ve chosen to use pseudonyms for everyone who appears on this blog (except for furry friends.) Some of them I know will never read the words I write. Some of them may be appalled at the blog names I’ve assigned to them. But this gives me the freedom to be genuine, to paint with words a true picture of the amazing people in my life. And it allows me to be honest about the people who (un)intentionally make my life more difficult without having to worry about a backlash.




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