Bad news folks: Abigail is buried under a fog.

ummmm, not exactly

Details? Well, the short of it is that Abigail got prescribed “miracle meds” that would turn her life upside down. Abigail took the miracle meds. Abigail’s life turned upside down. But not the upside down that the doctors were thinking. The other upside down. The one in which she does not get out of bed. at. all. ever. for. anything. Plus, her brain was muddled, her head hurts, her chest hurts, her insides are at war with each other, and her animals are her only source of comfort.

On the second day, (yes, you read that correctly), Abigail was tired of feeling extra awful. Not only was it miserable, but she had homework that was piling up and not getting accomplished. Abigail wrote a frank letter to Dr. Leo.

This miracle med is not working wonders. This miracle med is extra, extra awful. Can I please, please, please stop taking it???? My homework is calling me. And I hate living in bed. Plus, I hate feeling extra awful. Plus, isn’t that the whole reason I went on this med in the first place???

Moral of the story: Abigail got permission to take a brief hiatus from the meds. A moment to get some homework done.

Conclusion: Abigail has taken the hiatus. She may also take this opportunity to throw these “miracle” meds out the window or bury them very, very deep in a grave somewhere. She may disregard the doctor’s instructions to try the meds again over Thanksgiving break. {drumroll} I think Abigail is drawing the line.


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