This has been one of the most difficult semesters of my life. I’ve been told that I could have all sorts of different medical problems. I all but dropped out of graduate school. My uncle unexpectedly passed away. I’ve been so sick that I got sent home from class and had entire weekends where I didn’t get out of bed.

At the same time, I’m blown away by all the truly good things that have happened. I don’t mean “good” as in this is a good apple pie. I don’t even mean “great” like Frosted Flakes are grrrrrreat. I mean “good” in the purest, rawest sense. There’s just no other way of interpreting these things. And so, my heart is overflowing with thankfulness for the following (in no particular order):
– a caring, loving, godly roommate in Gretchen
– Alana who faithfully calls, texts, messages, prays no matter what
– the folks at morning & evening prayers who prayed for me & for my uncle Eddie
– Aaron who always made time for me and prayed for me, especially when Timothy & Grace moved away
– Timothy & Grace in their love and their prayer, especially for their moving back
– Diana for all the fun conversations and the meals
– Dr. Leo for making time for me in between everything else that he does & for being open to listening and learning with me on my crazy journey & for advocating on my behalf when I’d given up on advocating for myself
– those anonymous classmates who took it upon themselves to help me out when I had a bad day and the professor was picking on me or brain fog robbed me of my thought or chronic fatigue meant I was late to class again
– Lydia for being a sounding board for my ideas and a person to listen to all my frustrations
– Bryan for answering the phone and listening even though he didn’t have any answers and couldn’t help me
– Larissa & Ian for continuing to be an inspiration and an encouragement in their testimony
– Dr. Mark who took the time to help me sift through my medical chart, trying to draw connections, who walked me through several difficult medical moments, and who assured me that I didn’t have to panic when I felt vulnerable or scared
– Isaac & Elora who just moved here and want to be friends
– all the people and all the moments that taught that I am strong and I have good instincts; and, for all the other moments and the people that assured me that sometimes I was allowed to grieve and feel inadequate because I wasn’t doing this alone



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