I met with one of my graduate student colleagues today. I needed more information on one of the major milestones on the journey that is graduate school. Both of us are frustrated by the degree to which the ravenous lion and all his colleagues are making my experience so much more difficult. If only they would stop standing in the way…

Anyhow, in the course of our discussion, we kept coming back to the same theme: You’ll be fine. No matter what it was we touched upon, the conclusion was always the same: You’ll be fine. You’ll find a way to make it work.

As much as we all wish that it wasn’t this way and as much as we all know that it shouldn’t be like this, the bottom line is that I can still accomplish what I set out to do. It might look different from other people’s journeys. It might take a different amount of time or require some interesting acrobatics. But the bottom line is the same: I’ve got this. That confidence gives me renewed courage.



One thought on “You’ve Got This, Part III


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