ASL for easy

I realized this morning that I’m running out of one of my prescription medications. Apparently, I haven’t been keeping very good track of the prescription because there are no refills left. So I sent a quick email to Dr. Leo to ask him what he wanted to do about it. I got this reply back:

It’s nice to have an easy question!! I think that the medication is helping you, so I sent a refill order to your pharmacy.

That comment It’s nice to have an easy question! made me smile. It speaks volumes to our doctor-patient relationship. I like having easy answers as well. It seems that so many things this year with regard to my medical care have been extremely complicated and involved lots of big terms, lots of contributing circumstances, and plenty of other actors. Dr. Leo has helped me to walk through so many things. It’s nice to have something straightforward for once.

It reminded me of an ongoing joke I have with Dr. Mark. He likes having me as a patient, but he often feels inadequate as a physician because so often he feels that he can’t (and doesn’t) help me. So, sometimes, when he says, “I hope you feel better very soon”, I respond with this:

Thank you. May no more patients stump you.

Because sometimes it’s nice when we all know what’s going on and what we should do next.




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