…it’s the best time of the year!! (or at least, that’s how the song goes.)

It’s been quite the adventure in Abigail-land. I’ve been surrounded by friends and the Christmas spirit. I’ve been spending time with Alana’s family and getting cool notes from Tabitha’s family. (I left them all with special gifts for Christmas when I was at their place last month.) I’ve gotten to see Bethany and hear her husband call her “his wife” over and over again. I’ve got to catch up with some really old friends.

Then, there’s also been the crazy. I’ve already been in one pretty serious accident — all the humans are okay, all the cars were totaled. I’ve already seen at least one terrible movie (or at least, it was not meant for me to see.) I’ve already been terrorized by both a dog and a cat. I’ve also managed to leave something important at home: my camera. I’ve already neglected to give someone important an amazing gift because I kept putting it off until the perfect gift materialized!

One thing that I’m really grateful for is for all the amazing people I’ve been able to spend this craziness with. Life isn’t picture perfect; sometimes, it’s downright scary. But after the car I was riding in got wrecked, I discovered one thing: I was really glad that Bethany and her husband were there. It was nice that nothing exploded. It was a plus that no one got hurt. It was disappointing when I ended up being the one to call the police and the tow company and the highway patrol and also had to find my own ride home. It was miserable in the freezing cold in the dark. But the bottom line was this: I was so grateful that I was with my best friend when she got in a car wreck. I was grateful that her husband had decided to ride with us at the last minute and was there. And I was grateful that they both were there for me in that moment.

What matters most to me are the people in my life. I wish a lot of things in my life were different: everything from the color of my car (insignificant in the grand scheme of things but still) to the length of time it takes to get a tow (longer than it should) to the personalities of other people (sometimes they drive me crazy!!) to the lack of control that I actually have over world events. But at the end of the day, I’m grateful for the people who are there for my real life experiences. I’m grateful for Grace and Timothy, that they were willing to pray for us even when they were two time zones away. I’m grateful for David, the random coworker from high school, who answered his phone and picked me up off the side of the road to drive me back to where I was staying. I’m grateful for Alana who listened to one of the longest recount of a 30 second car crash. And I’m grateful for Mr. & Mrs. Bethany for reminding me that what mattered most was that the people endured and that good friends stood there for one another even when the going got difficult.

So while I hope that you had a holly, jolly Christmas and that it’s been the best time of the year, I really hope that you find yourself surrounded by amazing people in the new year. Because that’s what really counts.



2 thoughts on “Have a Holly, Jolly Christmas

  1. First thing is first-I am glad you and your friends are ok. Cars can be replaced-people can’t. Sorry you forgot your camera-I know that would make me crazy personally:)

    And as for the sentiment of your post-being surrounded by wonderful people is a blessing:) Stay safe the rest of your trip!!!


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