I feel accomplished πŸ™‚
I’ve been having a reasonably good & productive day. I cleaned my shower (first time in almost a year!) & then took a bath. I went to church with Diana. I made lunch (gf pigs in a blanket & skillet-fried potatoes) plus baked an apple pie for the two of us. I slept for two hours. I did laundry. I ate dinner with Gretchen; she made dinner so I helped her with her craft project. I wrote to my grandmother. (I do that every week.) Since then, I’ve been studying. I’m halfway through my first of the 50 books!



One thought on “A Good Day!!

  1. Oh, wow. Sounds almost normal level! Glad you had a good day in the middle of your struggles πŸ™‚ things like this are to be remembered and God praised for x


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