Great Pyrenees
cute, no?

Those of you who know me, know that I live in mortal fear of live animals. That’s kind of a problem since Aaron and Timothy & Grace both have dogs. And they bring their dogs to prayer services. Usually, they have the dogs in a back room, but when we greet each other with peace, quite frequently I’ll look over to see something furry meandering up and down the aisle.

Dog Meets God
Timothy & Grace’s dog looks something like this

For a while, Aaron’s dog was at almost every service I attended, so I had just gotten comfortable standing near a golden retriever. But then, I wasn’t able to drive to chapel much, and Aaron took to visiting me (without his dog of course.)

Timothy & Grace’s dog is really expressive, and I missed him when they moved away. Now that they’re back, I haven’t really gotten used to being jumped on by him. That border collie gets excited very easily.

Mike L's Great Pyrenees dog Tavish - mikes-tavish-dogAnyhow, at the average prayer service, you’ll be greeted by a golden retriever. There might even be a border collie. But a couple of times in the past few months, there was another dog. As one of the guys put it, it can only be properly called a baby polar bear.

I think it’s a Great Pyrenees. The dog is really beautiful. But it’s big, like B-I-G. It weighs 50% more than I do. (We asked the owner.) When Aaron gave the dog a bear hug, the dog was more or less the same size as Aaron.

Needless to say if the dog on the left is at prayers, you’ll find Abigail hiding in the pews. Or avoiding the baby polar bear altogether. He might be sweet and lovable, but I’m not taking my chances.

Still, it keeps prayers entertaining.




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