I am honored to serve as host this month for the “Patients for a Moment” blog carnival. Each month a different host solicits submissions around an illness-related theme. There’s no need to be chronic patient!! We welcome perspectives from persons in all walks and stages of life. As each of us struggles to come to terms with the realities of illness and medical care, we benefit from the perspectives, insights, and experiences of each other.

This month’s theme is: “medical literacy”. To what extent has this been a part of your medical journey? Is this a necessity? Is this something empowering? Does this give you a stronger voice with health practitioners? For those of you who interact with patients (or interact with people who interact with patients), is there a benefit to “medical literacy”? If so, what is beneficial “medical literacy”?

Everyone is welcome to share a blog post reflecting on “medical literacy”. To participate, please email me at abigail.cashelle (at) gmail (dot) com with the title and blog url of your post by February 12. Please include PFAM in your subject line.

The final edition will be showcased here on February 15.

Remember: no submission is too small or big. I can’t wait to hear & to learn from you.

Happy writing!!
Abigail Cashelle



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