Some of you have been asking me about my dissertation proposal and my genuine graduate school woes. So here’s a quick update.

I’ve set a date for my proposal defense which is rapidly approaching. AKA I have k days to turn in a rough draft to the ravenous lion where k is not a large number. Which means that I need to know what it is that I’m trying to study!

Fortunately, faculty from my alma mater and from other departments have been helping me out a lot. Things are definitely becoming more clear, and I’ve been asked a lot of clarifying questions that have helped me to pin down what exactly I’m interested in. Plus, reading and doing research and all those other things that I’ve actually been trained to do has been helpful.

I’m reading as much as possible on my lists of books, but the “exciting” news is that it looks like one of the lists is going to undergo major revision. That’s good for my long-term career but bad for my sense of current accomplishment.

Other than that, I’m actually feeling the slightest bit better, and I’m very grateful. I’m trying to be as cautious as possible and get lots of sleep. I’ve either been wearing gloves or carrying around hand sanitizer when I greet folks at prayers and at chapel. I’ve been setting time aside to escape to Grace & Timothy’s house and to have some me-time. I’m being very conscious that it’s not worth running myself into the ground just to get big Ph.D. milestones completed.

That’s all the news for now. (Well, except that the school drama continues. But you probably could have guessed that.)

Thanks for all the prayers and well wishes,


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