This song has been echoing in my heart recently:

Lord, my prayer is not for deeper suffering,
But that from each trial I’d be free.
Let the cup of bitterness be taken;
Yet, Thy will, not mine, dear Lord, must be.
Even now, though trials sore surround me,
Still within my heart there is a peace,
For the love of God outpoured within me
Floods my heart and bids my doubting cease.

Blest assurance! God has fully ordered
Every matter by His sovereign hand;
Every person (though we see so dimly),
Every thing’s according to His plan.
Every trial is but the Father’s answer
To the groaning of the Spirit’s prayer;
May He gain in every tribulation,
Until we Christ’s glory fully share.

My mom sent me a CD a few months ago that has this song on it. I’ve been playing it over and over again in the car on the way to and from doctor’s appointments (since that feels like all I ever do nowadays.) Somehow it comforts my heart.




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