I had the opportunity to attend a baby shower for a couple that lives with Aaron. This was my gift:

meet Popcorn the Bear
meet Popcorn the Bear

Having a chronic illness makes it difficult to have friends. I spend SO much time in bed. It’s hard to get out and to get to know people. Even events like a baby shower can be tricky because it’s very rare that I’m actually feeling well enough (and caught up with enough work) to feel up to going.

But I really wanted to make it to this one. Chad and Hannah have been important to me because they’re good friends of Aaron and Timothy & Grace. Chad’s come with Aaron a lot of times to visit me when I got stuck at home for weeks on end. It wasn’t until I sat down to write a card and then later when I stepped into the house that I realized how much these people really mean to me.

I don’t spend all that much time with them. I haven’t seen Hannah a whole lot recently because I haven’t made it to prayers that often and we seem to miss each other a lot. But I realized that these are people that I love because of who they are and not because of what they’ve done or attained. I love Chad and Hannah because of their hearts for God and for man, for their simplicity, for their care for me, and for their peace. Whenever I’m around them, I feel at rest. I feel loved. I feel included. They might be the first people in my life like this.

Popcorn quilt

I made this for their new baby boy. I love the image of Popcorn the bear and his friends. The peace that comes from just being. The beauty in God’s creation. The wonder of friendship. And community.

And sitting in a room full of Hannah’s friends? I realized how many of them I knew. How many of them were excited to see me. How many of them loved my present. How I was one of them, not because of anything I’ve done or accomplished. But just by being there. Amazing.

Hannah & I loved the back, perhaps even better than the front!!
Hannah & I loved the back, perhaps even better than the front!!

My heart is full.
Abigail Cashelle


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