Dear readers,

I finished one of my comprehensive exams. That means that I put away one stack of 25 books (hopefully!!) I’ll find out if I passed by early next week.

The amorphous blob? The defense for that proposal is coming up in a very small number of days. And I do have another exam looming in about two weeks. So all in all, a lot going on here in the school front.

On a different note, the Health Activists Writer’s Month Challenge is coming up in April!!! Believe it or not, April is going to be a crazy, crazy month for me with family stuff, school stuff, medical stuff, … the usual stuff, so I doubt I’ll be blogging every day. BUT I am participating to the best of my ability because ::drumroll:: they’re featuring a prompt of mine!!!

April 22: Day to Day — prompt #1: Write about something ordinary that’s inspiring to you, something simple, perhaps overlooked, that fuels your activism.

Look for it!! Write about it!! Read my post (when I write and post it!!) And just generally have a very good month of April.

(a slightly giddy) Abigail


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