I visited Grace today. I needed to escape the ravenous lion and school and life in general.

The thing is Grace comes with Micah (the dog). Micah greeted me at the door. Grace said that they’re trying to encourage Micah to sit on command and then let a person pet him. So she asked me to try it.

Problem: I am only (somewhat) comfortable with Micah because we’re good at ignoring each other. So when he greeted me all jumpyly, I backed up. ::wrong response:: Ok. So I said Sit, but then, apparently, you have to command with your finger as well. By the time, I got the command all straight, Micah sat. We never did get the pat down. But I think at this point, it’s probably a miracle that I Abigail commanded a dog to sit and he did. And we’re still friends.

Making progress on this thing called life,



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