Today’s the day. My prompt is featured!!!! (insert happy dance!)

Sunrise by Sean MacEntee

For me, it’s the sun rising each and every day that really encourages me to keep going. It’s so simple, so ordinary. But it’s power is amazing.

No matter what happens: no matter how badly I’m feeling or how badly I think I’ve messed up or how mean the rest of the world is or how terrible it is to have a chronic illness — the sun rises every day. Like the rainbow in the sky, it’s God’s promise to me that no matter what, He’s in control and His presence is with me. I can see His glory surrounding me. He’s the Creator, the One who created life and continues the work of renewal throughout creation. It’s a sign of a fresh beginning, another opportunity to live another day that will count before God and man.

You know what? It seems so simple, so ordinary. But the fact that the sun came up today? It keeps me going. Because I see the power of forgiveness, the work of resurrection, the promise of life. And I’m reminded that the heavens do rule! So I can start the day singing…

A new day has dawned
The saints are going on
The glory of the Lord is coming down.
All around me I can see,
There are signs of victory.
Hallelujah! A new day has dawned.

Grateful for the ordinary,




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