Apparently, I do crafty stuff whenever I’m super stressed and have WAY too much real-life stuff to do. Apparently, I also love starting a project much more than I actually like sewing it together. Maybe Alana and I could become a team? I’ll pick out all the fabric, find the perfect pattern, cut the pieces out, and then hand her the instructions. Those are the things she hates doing!!

Since I have a million things to do and this week has been insanely hard emotionally (more on that later, I promise), I decided to go to prayers tonight and then stop by the fabric store on the way home. I’ve been looking for the perfect fabric for a new skirt, and I think I found it!!

the skirt with the front ruffle
crushed linen/rayon blend

I’ve got the pattern pieces all cut out, and the fabric is in the washer as I write. I’m excited!!! I’ve never sewn rayon before, and I’ve actually never worn crushed linen before, so this should be exciting!!

For those of you who are wondering, yes, I do still have the dress and the quilt to finish. The dress is almost finished, but it looks like a potato sack on me. Maybe I should try it on again because I gained three pounds. Anyways, I haven’t figured out how to make it fit correctly, so it’s in my stack of incomplete projects. The quilt is almost insert air quotes here finished. The only thing left is a few of the pieces weren’t sewn on straight, so I have to sew them on correctly. Then I need to lay out all the blocks and sew them together. I’ve convinced myself that I need a lot of time and an empty floor in order to do that, and having a busy/stressful life is not exactly the recipe for that. (Or so my brain keeps telling me.)

I have a stack of projects each in a gallon-sized resealable bag in my closet. In addition to the dress and the quilt, there’s another dress(!) and a top. The top I found when I was clearing away some space in my closet to put these project bags!! I think I cut that one out 18 months ago. - But I can't clean up those projects yet.... I'm still working on all 6 of them. #didIjustsaythat #grownupwoes


P.S. Yes, that is my very first e-card!! Now I truly feel grown-up.


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