All kinds of great things happen in Dr. Mark’s exam rooms. We have elephant exam gowns. We talk. We listen. We try not to fall. We joke. We cry.

SquirrelThe other day I was talking to Dr. Mark about the antibiotic he had prescribed me the previous week. I told him that it made me feel really sick. So I stopped taking it. I threw it out the window.

He looked at me with a completely straight face and said, You can’t do that. I hope you didn’t really do that. That medication is not meant for the squirrels.

And that was it. We moved on other more important topics. About what I was going to do now that I couldn’t take antibiotics. About how much pain I’m in. About quality of life. About the fact that a lot of specialists don’t take me seriously.

But, that moment? It saved the whole visit from being incredibly serious. And it shifted the focus from the XXXXL gown. Mostly, it was just funny. The idea of me using a whole spoon to throw medication out the window. The idea that Dr. Mark’s gut reaction was to think of the squirrels.

Moral: don’t litter. Remember the innocent squirrels.




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