So there’s a story behind why I haven’t been posting. It might take a few posts. But here’s the short version:

1) I finished/quit/got kicked out of grad school!!!!!!!!
2) I’ve been dealing with out-of-control breast inflammation. It’s driving me crazy. And we can’t figure out what is going on… except that it’s not cancer or a cyst or anything else “typical”. Of course.
3) I’ve been exhausted. I’ve been running on empty for so many months that I need a whole bunch of resting and recovering.
4) I’ve been on a new medication… that has sedative properties. It’s supposed to have benefits in addition to side effects but so far I haven’t seen those yet. Or really been aware enough to observe them.
5) I’ve moving… probably this weekend (!!) to live with Timothy & Grace plus others in a Catholic Worker House. I’m really excited but it also means that I’ve been packing and praying and trying to figure everything out.
6) Oh, and I’ve been applying for jobs and deciding whether to stay or leave the area, whether to work full- or part-time (see aforementioned empty tank), who to live with, etc, etc.

Reasons enough for you????

So because of #2, #3, and #4, and because I FINALLY have the time, I decided to try out a new form of therapy. It’s kind of a cross between massage, chiropractic treatment, osteopathic manipulation, meditation, and probably a bunch of other things. It’s called myofascial release therapy or MRT (because every true therapy is an acronym, right?) It has to do with fascia and pain relief. Now, before anyone calls child protective services, the practitioner I see is familiar with fibromyalgia and Ehlers-Danlos syndrome. MRT and other forms of manipulation are often contraindicated for EDS but actually if a person knows what he (or she) is doing, it can actually be really helpful. The person needs to be gentle and super in tune with you and your needs.

So what’s it like? Well, I can’t really compare it to other things because the only massage I’ve ever officially had was with a church friend and it turned out disastrously. That’s how I know about the above.

It was definitely really relaxing once I got over the fact that SOMEONE WAS TOUCHING ME!!!!!!!! After that, it was actually really peaceful, and I felt a lot of energy move around the room. (Or at least it reminded me of times when I’ve had “energy treatments”.) But mostly, it felt like an elephant was sitting on top of me, albeit, in very selective spots. And the elephant, his favorite thing to do was to find the perfect spot(s) and then just sit there forever until he decided to move to a different spot.

The energy and the peace was amazing. The elephant part: not so much. I had to focus on breathing and breathing. Fortunately, that room has huge windows. In fact, the long side of the room is almost all windows. So that saved me from having to think about breathing in a paper bag like Dr. Samuel is always telling me to do during a panic attack.* Afterwards, I didn’t have a whole lot to say. Mr. Eric wanted to know what I thought. Well, to be perfectly honest? I was tired. Ready to sleep. Perfectly relaxed to sleep. But mostly just ready to sleep. And to sleep with Molly and Eeyore, not with an elephant on top of me. We’ll see how I’m feeling a few days from now. And whether or not it helps with #2, #3, or #4. But as of now, I’ve got a follow-up appointment next month.

Abigail Cashelle

*: I’m convinced this is why I hate accupuncture. Someone tricked me into getting a treatment and then left me in this small room in the dark for 15 minutes. I thought I was going to die in there. Oh, and with the most annoying music ever. Did I mention that I have minor claustrophobia?


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