This is it, folks!! All my life’s possessions are in boxes (it seems) and I’m getting ready to move into the Catholic Worker community that Timothy & Grace, Chad & Hannah, and Aaron are part of. I’m a little bit nervous about living in a house with eight people plus a toddler, two dogs, and a cat, but mostly I’m really grateful to God for this opportunity.

I really wanted to move away from the state and all these bad memories and just leave all this behind. God seems to have other plans for me. I’m stuck here dealing with medical stuff (ugh). I don’t have a job yet. I probably can’t work full-time and probably shouldn’t be working right now. I feel like I need to be taken care of for once.

This opportunity grew out of a few small conversations. It feels like answers to prayers I didn’t even know I was praying. One of the ministries of Catholic Worker communities is to the sick, including persons like me. I know that I’ll be taken care of and also have the opportunity to care for others. I’ll be one of the youngest people living in the community, so I’ll be able to learn a lot from others & I won’t have additional big sister responsibilities. I’ll be living with a nurse practitioner and a chaplain among other things, which means that I won’t have to lie in bed worrying what’s going to happen if I mysteriously get sicker all of a sudden. (I do worry about this quite a bit even though it’s never happened.) I’ll be part of a community grounded in prayer. I’ll see Grace a lot. I’ll be part of a big, caring, supportive family with support that I desperately need right now. There’s no pressure to get things done on a certain timeline or even to participate at a specific level. I can look for a job and heal at my own pace. Seeing as how I push myself really hard anyways, this will be a great blessing.

All in all, it’s not the gift that I was looking for, but I’m truly grateful for what God has provided. I’m nervous about the transition. I’m nervous about living with two dogs!! I’m not sure that I want to be part of this long term. A large part of me still wants to move back to where I was before and work there. I’m still applying for jobs there in the hopes that that might work out.

But in the short term, I’m moving, folks. I’m resting in God’s provision and trusting in Him for the rest.

Thanks for all the prayers thus far,


4 thoughts on “Moving & Transitions

  1. “It feels like answers to prayers I didn’t even know I was praying.” Or maybe an answer to others’ prayers for you! I’m very grateful to hear how the Lord has brought you into this community and fellowship.
    Always praying for you.


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