So, I dubbed it the XXXXL exam room because it’s very big. In fact, Dr. Mark hurt his knee and has started avoiding that exam room because it takes too much time and energy to limp across. (Or maybe I’m just imagining things.)

Anyhow, last time I was at Dr. Mark’s, I took a quick peek at the label on the elephant gown. I kid you not. XXXXL was an underestimate. It said 8XL as in XXXXXXXXL.

I understand the concept of “one size fits most”. I also understand the need for stethoscopes to be able to get under the gown easily. But seriously?? Those gowns are huge!! And I can’t move in them. There’s SO much fabric that Dr. Mark is always pushing away yard and yards just to look at me. Isn’t that the whole point of an exam?? And I wonder what they give the pediatric patients.

Just another day in the life,


4 thoughts on “XXXXL Exam Room Revisited

  1. Good grief, 8XL?! No wonder you are swamped. Maybe you should take your sewing stuff and then next time you’re stuck in there waiting, you can make a few dresses..


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