I went to visit Grace this afternoon, and it happened to be Timothy’s day off, so I got to see him as well.  Timothy had stumbled across some old music that someone had put in a discard pile at work, and so he brought it home, figuring that someone in the community who has a piano might want some sheet music.

Well, I don’t have my own piano (yet), but I do have a very awesome collection of old hymnals. I like having music to just play through on my violin (since I don’t have a piano yet.) I took about 8 months of lessons with Alana, so I can fumble through the violin alright.

Anyhow, I like collecting old hymnals, looking through different ways of scoring music and older versions of tunes we know.

So Timothy suggested that I take a look at the trash-turned-treasure. It turns out that it was three books from pre-WWI that were used for teaching high school music and choir classes. Nowadays, music teachers use iPods or CDs, but if you can imagine back to the days before cassette tapes, radio, and even phonograph records were common, the music teacher would have to play all the accompaniment herself!! That’s why back in the day, it was really common to have a piano in every classroom. And why piano was such a fundamental part of grade school curriculum.

Anyhow, these books are scored from a fairly advanced pianist, not just someone who took keyboard for a year in college. They’ve got a lot of old classics in nice settings: some scored for piano, others scored for voice. I’m excited!!

Too bad I’m not in a classroom at the moment. Otherwise, you’d hear some banging away. And my students would be singing presidential campaign songs or something.

Maybe I should go back to teaching Sunday School music….



One thought on “in which Timothy makes my day

  1. Oh my goodness, this entry brought back such lovely memories of music lessons I had as a child! I always found myself deeply inspired by teachers who played the piano so beautifully that it seemed completely natural – that was a big part of what made want to be able to play the same way 🙂


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