I’m not a big fan of “New Agey mumbo jumbo”. I should probably define that.

New Agey mumbo jumbo: n (ˈˌn(j)u āje ˈməmbō ˈjəmbō): (1) nonsense related to or connected with an alternative approach to tradition (or Western) culture, primarily in the areas of spirituality, holism, mysticism, and environmentalism; (2) anything strange or foreign that seems to be of the hand waving nature and which Abigail deems rubbish.

So I was telling someone my recent sob story. More specifically that in the past week, I had four encounters with medical professionals, two job interviews, and one “move in 24 hours or else”. It seemed like a lot. Now, some people would just say, Yeah. That’s a lot. This person had a different reaction. He said,

Best thing to do, as always, is go with the flow. Visualize your successful handling all of the challenges you’re currently facing.

Somehow, I still don’t know what that means. I’m pretty sure that going with the flow would have meant staying in that house. And feeling guilty for not being grateful. And for feeling sick. And for not wanting the jobs I interviewed for. At least, that’s what it conjures up for me. It all feels like some New Agey mumbo jumbo.

Although I have to admit that I’ve heard some very traditional psychologists say similar things. And I haven’t listened to them either. I don’t think it’s just the fact that the person who made the above comment strikes me as a New Agey person. It just really doesn’t help. Going with the flow means being passive to me. And I’m not a visual person anyways. I can hear the music playing for my success story. But visualizing it? Not so much.

I think I like Dr. Samuel’s evaluation better. He said that I’m doing well juggling all the things considering that I feel super awful and want to be in bed all day. He also said that I have realistic expectations and am not setting myself up for failure. I’m aware of my limitations.

NAMJ or not, I think I’m filing this comment into the “oh” pile of comments. Maybe it’s useful for the person who said it. But otherwise, it seems like a smokescreen for me.

Just being honest,


3 thoughts on “Mumbo jumbo

  1. Just a different perspective but…to me, “go with the flow” does not mean that you settle or stay in a house you are unhappy with or even take a job you don’t want. To me, “go with the flow” means you look at each choice or situation and dont try to figure out why you are faced with those choices or options…you just take it for what its worth and make your decisions. Sometimes there is no real decision to be made b/c “going with the flow” is just moving forward with that you have if there is no real choice and “going with it”. Sometimes it works out-sometimes it doesn’t. But that is life. if I hear or say “go with the flow”-the meaning for me is more of a frame of mind where I realize i can not control every situation or even understand it but I have to allow things to move forward and that fighting it is not going to help or even change it. It doesn’t mean its always fun but it means not spending energy better spent elsewhere trying to fight it or explain it. But that is just my perspective:)

    1. Hahahahaha. That makes so much more sense Amelia. 🙂 I figured he couldn’t possibly mean to just settle for a mediocre life, but I couldn’t imagine what he meant.

      I’ll have to add your definition to my mental dictionary. And maybe I shouldn’t be so analytical about everything.



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